WHITE LEOPARD Extra Long Leggings

$ 98

WhatWouldSusieWear Vintage Leopard Extra Long DaddyLongLegz Leggings. They were made to be worn inside your boots over your feet, scrunched up, or over thin top boots like legwarmers. I made these out of fabric that I bought in New York in the 80s, and only have a few. They have an Elasticized waist. They are not sewn at the bottom so you can cut them to your desired length or stretch them out to fit over your boots or shoes as shown on one of the mannequins feet. 

Size: Small
Elasticized Waist: 14" Flat Stretches to approx 19" Flat.
Waist to Crotch: 11.5 inches
Length: 46"


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