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Vtg 70s Boho Lace Wedding Dress

$ 148
1970s Boho Sheer Off White Lace Panel Maxi Dress with slip. Lovely and Hipster Chic. Just the right color for a Vintagey Wedding. You can make it more current if you shorten the slip, or take it our completely for a sheerly blissful seductive look. This dress is in impeccable condition! We also love these dresses minus the slip over a pair of boy shorts, with a pair of Grunge Boots. Wear it to your wedding, then dye it. You won't want to put this one away forever, that is of course unless you want to hand it down to your daughter...

Item Details: Measured Flat
Color: Creamy Off White (not peachy, just in case your screen shows it that way.)
CIRCA: 1970s
Label: Nostalgia
Tag Size: S
Fits small: Extra Small-Small Best
Fabric: 100 % Rayon
Bust: 21.5
Sleeve: 11"
Arm Opening: 10"
Waist: 19 stretched"
Hips: Approx 23" stretched"
Total Length: 53"
Slip Length:29
Cleaning: Hand Wash Cold
Condition: Excellent

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